A Hero in My Book

Mr. Cunningham is indeed a hero in my book! Wish I could give more than 5 stars! I had tried over and over to get my local government to provide closed captions on a video of a meeting where someone was talking about a proposed private development that would effect my neighborhood. I'm deaf and don't read lips. I had no idea what was being said. They ignored me and then offered a written summary of the meeting, NOT the word-for-word transcript so I could see exactly what the developer was planning. After working with the government, I was able to get both a closed caption video and verbatim transcript. As a disabled person, Mr. Cunningham made it possible for me to actually participate in my local government. I'm forever grateful to him for that!

-Ansin A.

Answered My Questions with Courtesy

I called Mr. Cunningham for some quick legal advice regarding a problem I was having at work regarding my disability. He answered my questions with courtesy and respect. I appreciated the help.

-Jeff M.

A1 Service

A truly dedicated attorney. A1 service by Mr. Cunningham.

-Jerson J.

Helped Me Turn a Very Important Corner

I am ever so grateful to you for the gracious gift of your time and effort in helping me with the issue about the HOA (homeowners association) complying with the ADA regulations in regard to the clubhouse environment. Having the assurance, thanks to you, that there was indeed a case of discrimination in the failure of the HOA not making reasonable accommodations for hearing impaired owner-members was key. Knowing that gave me every bit of confidence I needed to proceed knowing I was justified (and correct) in what I alleged. . . You helped me turn a very important corner. It’s been a long uphill push but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

-June C., Ft. Myers, Florida