J. Courtney Cunningham

Attorney at Law

As a proud father to a son with autism, I knew that I wanted to help others facing difficulties due to their disabilities. Becoming an attorney has given me the opportunity to truly make a difference. I earned my J.D. from the University of Florida Levin College of Law in 1986 and have since dedicated my life to advocacy. I’ve served in the U.S. Department of Labor, represented countless clients in the federal court and secured favorable outcomes in disability discrimination cases.

J. Courtney Cunningham has been elected to the Executive Committee of the South Florida Chapter of the Federal Bar Association (FBA). The Federal Bar Association is the leading voluntary bar association for lawyers practicing in the nation’s federal courts.

Practice Areas

No matter your situation, you deserve compassionate legal counsel.

Disability Discrimination

If you’ve been discriminated against because of a disability, reach out today to see how I can help you take action.

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Fair Housing

You have the right to fair housing regardless of your sex, race, source of income, disability, or size of family. If someone has violated your rights, let me fight for you.

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Web Accessibility

As the pandemic showed us, websites, apps and technology should be accessible to all. This is not a privilege—this is a right. You don't have to accept digital discrimination.

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What My Clients Say

You don’t have to accept discrimination.

Let Me Be Your Advocate.

Do you have a case?

In disability rights, the legal concept of ‘standing’ can help you learn if your case holds up in court. Ask yourself:


Did I Suffer Harm?

Step one is to prove that you suffered an injury. An “injury” can refer to physical injury, economic loss, or non-economic loss.  Is your injury unlawful?  Just because something is wrong, doesn’t mean its illegal.


Was the Defendant to Blame?

It must be shown that the injury you suffered was caused by the party you are suing. If this connection cannot be established, you will not be able to proceed with your lawsuit.


Can the Court Help?

The court must be able to correct your injury by, for example, imposing fines or other penalties. To learn more about your specific case, contact me today in Miami, Florida.

Success Stories

On Your Side From Day One
Courthouse Icon When you experience digital discrimination or unfair housing policies, it can come as a shock. You deserve quality legal counsel fighting for you.

In this digital age, having the ability to communicate through technology and access websites and mobile apps has become more and more important, but what happens if that web content is not truly accessible for all?

If you have encountered a website, a mobile app, or other digital content that has not been designed for universal access, especially for those with disabilities, reach out to me to discuss how to fight back against digital discrimination. Everyone should be able to use web content. This is a right, not a privilege.

Under Florida state law and the Fair Housing Act, you are entitled to the opportunity to rent or purchase housing, regardless of your disability. If you feel you have been denied fair treatment during the process of securing housing due to your disability, you have options.

With a track record of success and a compassionate approach, I aim to help those in Orlando, Tampa, West Palm Beach, and Miami fight back against disability discrimination. Whether you’ve encountered an inaccessible website or you’ve been denied fair housing, set up an appointment to meet with me. I do not accept walk-in consultations.