Fair Housing

A landlord advertised “No Section 8” in violation of the fair housing laws. I sued them on my client's behalf, forcing the landlord to pay damages to the client and comply with the law.

Client Received Payment from Landlord

Service Animal

A restaurant owner refused to serve my client because the client had a service dog with her. We successfully sued the restaurant to make them comply with the law and pay damages to my client.

Client Received Payment from Restaurant

Hotel Website

When my blind client could not make a reservation on a hotel website, I successfully sued the hotel to make them fix their websites so that my client and other blind people could independently use the website.

Hotel Forced to Update Website for the Visually Impaired

State and Local Government

My deaf client was interested in learning more about the functioning of local government. He requested that the municipality caption the videos on its website so that he could understand what was happening in the meetings. They ignored him. We successfully sued them so that deaf people could understand the videos.

Municipality Forced to Make Videos More Accessible to the Deaf

Movie Theaters

My blind client likes to go to the movies. However, she frequently encountered problems at the theater because the theater refused to repair its audio description equipment. We successfully sued them to force them to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Movie Theater Forced to Repair Audio Description Equipment

Resort Not Accessible to Disabled

My clients enjoyed going to a beach resort, but they could not fully enjoy the resort and its amenities because the resort was not accessible to people with mobility disabilities. We successfully sued them to force them to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Florida Civil Rights Act.

Resort Forced to Comply with the ADA & Florida Civil Rights Act

HIV Discrimination

When a massage company refused to give my client a massage because she was HIV positive, we successfully sued them to force them to stop their irrational discrimination against HIV positive people.

Massage Company Forced to Accept HIV Positive Clients

Fair Housing Retaliation

My clients filed a fair housing complaint against their condominium association. The condominium association began a campaign of retaliation against my clients. What a mistake. We simply filed another complaint for the illegal retaliation.

Condominium Association Forced to Address Fair Housing Complaint