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Facing Discrimination Because of a Disability?

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When someone discriminates against you or a loved one because of a disability, you're left feeling helpless. How can you fight back against a business you can't even get into without help? How can you confront a government figure when you're unfamiliar with the policies they're hiding behind?

J. Courtney Cunningham PLLC is here to give you options. We offer disability discrimination legal services in Miami, FL and the surrounding area. Attorney J. Courtney Cunningham can review your case and let you know whether an individual or business has violated the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

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What's protected by the ADA?

The ADA is divided into several sections. J. Courtney Cunningham PLLC offers disability discrimination legal services for cases that fall under the following three titles:

  • Title I: states that all businesses and places of employment must be accessible to those with disabilities.
  • Title II: prohibits disability discrimination in relation to state and local government programs, services and activities. It requires the state or local government to modify those programs, services or activities unless it would create an undue burden or fundamentally alter them.
  • Title III: guarantees individuals with disabilities the right to full and equal enjoyment of public accommodations, including movie theaters, hotels, gyms and grocery stores.

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