Client Testimonials

Mr. Cunningham is indeed a hero in my book! Wish I could give more than 5 stars! I had tried over and over to get my local government to provide closed captions on a video of a meeting where someone was talking about a proposed private development that would effect my neighborhood. I'm deaf and don't read lips. I had no idea what was being said. They ignored me and then offered a written summary of the meeting, NOT the word-for-word transcript so I could see exactly what the developer was planning. After working with the government, I was able to get both a closed caption video and verbatim transcript. As a disabled person, Mr. Cunningham made it possible for me to actually participate in my local government. I'm forever grateful to him for that!

Ansin, A

I called Mr. Cunningham for some quick legal advise regarding a problem i was having at work regarding my disability. He answered my questions with courtesy and respect. I appreciated the help.

Jeff, M

A truly dedicated Attorney. A1 service by Mr. Cunningham.

Jerson, J